Do you wish your organ had this?

Now your theatre organ can have those fun sounds
by using the...
Digital Toy Counter

The Control Bar now comes with organ quality engraved thumb pistons.
Available engraved with numbers 1 through 12, for those who will
be changing sounds frequently, or as an option, engraved with the names of
the sounds.

The Digital Toy Counter was developed to provide those fun sounds that
make a theatre organ come to life. Made of the highest quality materials,
and utilizing the latest technology, the DTC is easily attached to most organs.

Sounds are stored on a Compact Flash Card in MP3 format at CD quality.
Twelve sounds are available, activated by thumb pistons on the Control Bar.
Four additional sounds are available via a terminal strip in the control box
for use by toe studs/pistons, etc.
Sounds are high quality digitally recorded sounds, (not samples or MIDI) .
The result is just the same as using a pushbutton switch to activate an actual aoogo horn, etc.,
resulting in life-like realism!
Sounds may be replaced at any time by the end user.
Additional Compact Flash cards my be used for other groups of sounds.
Pushbuttons are mounted on a solid walnut control bar finished in lacquer.
The DTC is powered by a small wall transformer.
Audio out of the control box is via RCA connectors at line level.
The DTC is very easily installed on organs that have the Allen Expander II unit
using the supplied patch cable.
Dimensions of the pushbutton control bar are : 1" x 1-1/2" x 14"

The pushbutton control bar may be mounted under the bottom keyboard,
or under the music rack, etc.
Velcro (supplied) works well to attach it to the organ.
The control box mounts inside the organ, or on the back, out of sight.

Choose the sounds (12) you desire for your DTC from the
list on the next page, and I will custom engrave the
thumb pistons with the names of the sounds.
(If you will be changing the sounds often, the thumb pistons
may be engraved with numbers.
You may easily replace the sounds with others, if so desired.

CLICK HERE to audition individual sounds or to down load
them for your DTC storage card.

(Many of the sounds have been digitally recorded from a Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ toy counter.)


"The DTC is a great piece of workmanship and looks and sounds great!"

"One of the most fun things that can be added to a theatre organ!"

"I will tell you it is everything it's advertised to be. Loads of fun and easy to install!"

"The DTC is loads of fun and versatile. Try'll like it!"

The DTC is handcrafted with great care. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.
The price of the DTC is $1345 with pistons engraved "1" through "12".
(Pistons engraved with sound names, $4 per piston.)
Shipping is $14.
Order one for your organ, and bring it to life with those fun theatre organ sounds!

For more information contact Burl Updyke at or phone 570-477-3688

A little information about myself.
My background is in electronics. I have been engaged in broadcast engineering for
close to thirty years. I built, and am the Chief Engineer for WRGN-FM and WIVH-FM
located in N.E. PA and The US Virgin Islands. I designed and wrote the software for
radio statio automation in use by a number of stations. I wrote the software for radio
station satellite receiver control in use by over one hundred broadcast stations.
I have designed and built many pieces of electronic equipment and have years of
experience with sound and waveform editing.
I am a radio amateur operator holding an Extra Class license.(W3SOC).
I have been facinated with theatre organs all of my life. I owned a Hammond Concord
model organ for many years, and kept it in repair. In 2002 I purchased an Allen R-211 theatre
organ that I thoroughly enjoyed. In 2003 I upgraded to an R-311. Since it did not have toy counter
effects, I decided to design a unit to produce those "fun" sounds. The result is the Digital Toy Counter.
I am a member of the American Theatre Organ Society, and G.S.T.O.S.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.
Burl F. Updyke, 9 Updyke Road, Hunlock Creek, PA 18621